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Are the people in your organization contributing their personal best? Our proven processes develop strengths, build emotional intelligence and unleash personal empowerment.

In the endless drive for greater productivity, every manager wants employees to become more proactive because more proactivity equals better productivity, which usually means improved financial performance, happier shareholders, and fewer sleepless nights for leaders.

The path to Personal Excellence in an organization is two-fold.

First, leaders must focus on themselves, recognizing their own challenges and honing their own skills in order to better support their employees.

Second, leaders must promote self excellence among employees by developing an understanding of the basic needs that all employees have and recognizing that the organization’s success is intrinsically linked to its ability to satisfy employees’ needs.

Our research has shown that fostering a trust-based work environment and demonstrating flexibility are two strongly-connected leadership traits that contribute to a team being proactive.

Only by addressing the capacities of both leaders and employees can the highest levels of Personal Excellence within an organization truly be fulfilled.


Professional and Personal Coaching can help you attain your goals and manage life transitions. Coaches exist to help people make progress and deal with challenges in all aspects of their lives – business, professional, personal, relationship, health and overall life matters. Developing coaching skills is also becoming crucial to managerial and leadership effectiveness.

At DevelopPEOPLE, our coaching focus is on Leadership and Professional Development. We offer Coaching as a stand-alone service as well as part of an integrated Leadership Development or Performance Improvement solution. We also specialize in helping our clients develop their own coaching skills – the true test of success is when the “student” surpasses the “teacher!”

Click here to learn more about our leadership coaching process.

Facilitation literally means, “to make easy” and that’s just what Sharon does! She is skilled in learning facilitation, as well as process facilitation. Her skills, knowledge, style, and energy combine to provide a highly effective facilitation style.

What is process facilitation?

One definition we like to use comes from Roger Schwarz: ‘The Skilled Facilitator’

Group facilitation is a process in which a person whose selection is acceptable to all the members of the group, who is substantively neutral, and who has no substantive decision–making authority diagnoses and intervenes to help a group improve how it identifies and solves problems and makes decisions, to increase the group’s effectiveness.

For example, when Sharon comes in to work with your organization, she facilitates dialogue to clarify expectations, roles and responsibilities, or other decision processes your team may be stuck on.

Sharon can facilitate your team meetings, large group events, strategic planning sessions and more.

Based on Sharon’s experience as an Expert Facilitator and Coach for the ATD Master Trainer Program, we have begun offering personalized services to help trainers/facilitators take their game to the next level.

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It is always good to have a facilitator that understands how to engage and adjust to the group so to get more discussion created. You did a good job at that! You were upbeat and engaging.

- Company Team Member

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