EPIC Sub-Account

EPIC stands for Electronic Profile Information Center. An EPIC Sub-Account is the most efficient way to administer multiple DiSC Assessments for your team. Rather than purchasing and managing individual assessments, an EPIC Online Sub-Account allows you to administer multiple assessments for your whole team at the same time and control who sees and receives which assessments and reports.

EPIC Online Sub-Accounts are simple to manage and full of useful features to assist you, including:

  • Easy tools to organize reports by division, training date or any other criteria you choose
  • View, print or email any DiSC report generated
  • Account access features - control who can review reports
  • Credits that never expire
  • Account never expires (no renewal fees)
  • Free ongoing training and support for your EPIC Sub-Account Administrator at no additional cost.
  • Free one hour training session to instruct you in the use of your new EPIC Online Sub-Account.

Questions? Please contact us at 1-888-871-1780 or info@developpeople.com.

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