Assessing Assessments for Talent Development
Over the last several years, our President Sharon Wingron, CPLP has presented on “Assessing Assessments” at the ATD International Conference, as well as other events. Sharon is growing her body of research and expertise on the assessment tools available in the market, how to formulate a strategy for using the tools in Talent Development initiatives, and an approach for researching and choosing assessment tools which will best fit your initiatives.

Please participate in our research by completing this survey on Assessment Usage in Talent Development.

You are welcome to download the handouts from Sharon’s ATD International Conference and Exposition presentations Assessing Assessments: How to Determine the Right Tool for Your Purpose:

M102 2019

SU205 2018


We also encourage you to download our e-book from the home page of this site.

Want to dive deeper? Register for the “Essentials of Using Assessments in Talent Development Initiatives” virtual learning Sharon facilitates through ATD or schedule a call with Sharon to discuss your needs.

Interested in using assessments in your Talent Development programs? Check out our Everything DiSC by Wiley, Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, Integro Leadership Institute, and PXT Select assessments in our secure online store DiSC Learning Solutions. Call us at 1-888-871-1780 if you need assistance.

Need help implementing assessments in your organization? Contact Sharon to arrange a consultation and explore how we may be able to assist your organization.

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We provide organizational development and performance-improvement consulting to help you develop the PEOPLE — Personal Excellence, Organizational Performance and Leadership Effectiveness — in your organization.

As certified associates of the Intégro Leadership Institute, we use the following processes:

Call today to discuss the results you are seeking and the drivers and barriers you face to achieving that success, and then we’ll formulate a plan for the best processes, tools and methods to use to get you there.

Personal Excellence
Are the people in your organization contributing their personal best?

In the endless drive for greater productivity, every manager wants employees to become more proactive because more proactivity equals better productivity, which usually means improved financial performance, happier shareholders, and fewer sleepless nights for leaders.

The path to Personal Excellence in an organization is two-fold.

First, leaders must focus on themselves, recognizing their own challenges and honing their own skills in order to better support their employees.

Second, leaders must promote self excellence among employees by developing an understanding of the basic needs that all employees have and recognizing that the organization’s success is intrinsically linked to its ability to satisfy employees’ needs.

Our research has shown that fostering a trust-based work environment and demonstrating flexibility are two strongly-connected leadership traits that contribute to a team being proactive.

Only by addressing the capacities of both leaders and employees can the highest levels of Personal Excellence within an organization truly be fulfilled.

Organizational Performance
Do you need employees who think for themselves, take responsibility, and raise performance?

In successful organizations the workplace culture is driven from the very top by leadership that lives and breathes the values they espouse and ensures that those values permeate the entire organization. In these organizations, everyone is committed to a common set of values and beliefs.

What many leaders don’t understand, is the impact their own values, beliefs and behaviors have on the culture their employees operate in, and the significant impact that workplace culture has on the organization’s bottom line.

Our development processes and assessment tools will create a positive and lasting change in your company’s workplace culture.

How do we engender high levels of performance and trust inside an organization?

Step 1: Get all employees engaged

Step 2: Capitalize on employee talents

Step 3: Gain the commitment of all employees

Step 4: Build high performance teams

Step 5: Establish team ownership of continuous improvement

Step 6: Define Cross-functional task teams

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Leadership Effectiveness

How effective are the leaders in your organization?

Over 30 years of research and work with leaders in hundreds of organizations, has led Intégro to distill the complex role of leadership down to four basic skills:

  1. Building Trust
  2. Mentoring
  3. Inspiring Commitment and Passion
  4. Building Winning Teams

What most leadership programs attempt to do is teach these skills in one session, whether that be a keynote speech of 90 minutes or a five-day intensive leadership retreat. The reality is each of these skills needs to be applied and integrated before they are really learned. The uniqueness of this approach is to focus on developing one skill at a time and providing leaders the opportunity to apply that skill in the workplace.

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How the DevelopPEOPLE Approach to Leadership Development Increases Customer Loyalty and Passion
Customer loyalty and passion stems from an excellent product and excellent customer support. Customer loyalty begins with employee loyalty, which begins with Leadership Development.

This is what makes the DevelopPEOPLE approach to Leadership Development successful:

It is a process not an event. Intégro’s Leadership Development Process consists of four levels of leadership development designed to be run over 18 months to two years.
The appropriate use of learning instruments. In addition to Intégro’s Flexibility and Trust Survey, we have included a number of learning instruments to provide leaders with feedback about various aspects of their behavior. Each new layer of self-awareness contributes to an ongoing increase in emotional intelligence and helps them better relate to the people in their environment.

Application in the workplace. After each session there are specific application assignments leaders complete with their teams. The focus of these assignments is on the employee… increase their engagement and commitment, and focus them on delivering value to the customer that your competitors can’t match.

One-on-one coaching. Follow-up coaching for each leader is provided after each session, with a focus on supporting leaders in achieving their own personal development goals, as well as coaching them through the implementation of the assignments with their teams.

The Leader’s Journal. During each session leaders receive a journal that outlines their individual and team action steps and provides the opportunity for them to document progress made for debriefing in their one-on-one coaching sessions.

Sharon was what all trainers should be — a culmination of a high degree of knowledge, experience, education, personal touch and engaging personality. A true role model!

- Professional Organization Class Participant

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