Our solutions make people, teams, and organizations better.
Personal & Organizational Solutions We Provide
Our clients come to us because they are intelligent and motivated. They are seeking to better the performance of their employees and are willing to look at how they can improve their own performance first. They are interested in self-development and aim to be more effective in every way.

At DevelopPEOPLE, we assist you to accomplish these goals, through solutions we have developed for each of these purposes. We will collaborate with you and provide as much – or as little – assistance as you would like. We can work hand-in-hand with you to help you figure out which tools will be most effective to achieve the results you want, or we will simply provide the tools you need, then stay out of your way!
Assessing Assessments

Tap into our research and discover a process for being strategic in your assessment use.

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Everything DiSC Solutions

Start your organization on the path from personalized insight to culture change.

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Everything DiSC Certification

Our flexible certification and train-the trainer courses provide you with the knowledge to deliver your workshops with confidence.

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Team Solutions

TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More. Sounds great, but isn't easy. Our solutions build aligned and productive teams.

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Personal Excellence Solutions

Are the people in your organization contributing their personal best? Our proven processes unleash personal empowerment.

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Organizational Performance Consulting

Are you hiring and growing passionate employees committed to your organization's success?

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Leadership Effectiveness Solutions

How effective are the leaders in your organization? We develop leaders at all levels who are flexible, inspire ...

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Speaking Engagements

Motivational, informative keynotes, speeches and presentations for your next event.

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Assessment Tools for the Applications You Need
As learning and performance professionals, you are choosy about the tools you use. You want the right tool that will do the job at a reasonable price point. High quality, well-researched, customizable, and easily accessible. That's what our tools offer.

We are an Authorized Partner and Certified Facilitator of the Everything DiSC, Five Behaviors, and PXT Select brands by Wiley, as well as a Certified Associate and Accredited Coach of the Integro Leadership Institute's Trust-Inside Assessments.

Explore our tools to see which will best meet your needs.

Everything DiSC

Everything DiSC creates workplace connections through personalized learning built on the DiSC model of human behavior, providing specific insight to improve relationships and results immediately.

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The Five Behaviors

Created in partnership with Patrick Lencioni, the Five Behaviors prepares individuals for success in teams. Offered for intact teams or personal development, these tools teach people to be productive team players.

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PXT Select

Simple. Human. Smart. Take the pain out of selection and development by choosing the one assessment that will help you hire the right person, then guide their growth in the company.

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Interpersonal Flexibility. Alignment. Passion. All crucial for success; all built on trust. Discover the tools that can help you create the work environment people dream of, not the ones of nightmares.

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