Everything DiSC and the new Project da Vinci

I have some exciting news I wanted to share! Inscape Publishing, the creator of Everything DiSC, has asked me — and 10 companies — to beta test Project da Vinci, their new team-centered innovation program. We all know that innovation is key to business success in an increasingly competitive global market. But what exactly is innovation and whose job is it, anyway? In Project da Vinci, innovation—turning a new idea into an improvement in a product, process, or service—is the work of a team, diverse in approach and perspective. What ultimately determines successful innovation is how teams innovate: both the process and the way team members interact, contribute ideas, and together, foster a culture of innovation. Project da Vinci helps teams understand how they can leverage process and culture to be more innovative. Project da Vinci is the first Everything DiSC® product designed exclusively to be used with intact teams or work groups. To this end, participants will answer both the Everything DiSC assessment about themselves and a survey about their team. The benefit of this process is that the profile will include both individual and information about the team as a whole. Inscape (the company that created DiSC and Project da Vinci) needs classroom testing and feedback on their new profile from intact teams or work groups. These profiles are available for free for the beta test. After the session, Inscape asks participants to complete a short online survey about the experience. In addition, Inscape would also like to schedule a 30-minute follow-up call for you and me with their marketing manager, so we can give her our feedback directly. Inscape’s goal is to have the beta materials available by the end of January; the beta period will run through March 18, 2013, but it’s important to note that Inscape’s commitment to innovation means things can and do change quickly. And Inscape can’t guarantee that Project da Vinci will ever be offered for sale in its beta test form. Even with those caveats, beta testing with Inscape is a unique and valuable opportunity. It gives you the chance to weigh in on product design, which helps to shape the final product. It also allows you to test out new products to see how they’d fit in with your company and it’s innovation goals. And you get a look inside Inscape’s extensive research and development process. To reserve your spot – or request information – simply reply to this email. You will then be contact by Cindy Lekar, Director of Client Services. There are only 10 companies that will be taking this adventure with us. I look forward to hearing from you!
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