About DevelopPEOPLE
Founded as Wings of Success, LLC, DevelopPEOPLE began with a simple idea. It was created with the notion that each person is born with inherent strengths and dreams, which will develop into that person’s unique and meaningful contribution to the world when those capabilities are recognized and fostered. As a thought leader, Sharon Wingron also holds true that in business, there is power and success to be found when leaders are able to align these personal aptitudes with goals of the organization.

The question is: How?

DevelopPEOPLE is dedicated to providing small and large business leaders with the tools, resources and support they need in order to identify, recognize, and align individual strengths and capabilities with organizational goals.

As the leader of your organization, are you confident that you are utilizing the best resources available in order to get the best from your employees and the most for your company?

When you work with DevelopPEOPLE, you’ll know that the answer is “Yes.”

Personal Excellence Organizational Performance Leadership Effectiveness. 

Let us help you DevelopPEOPLE.

Our Commitment to You

DevelopPEOPLE is dedicated to providing business leaders like you with straight-forward, effective learning resources to strengthen your team and help your business thrive. Whatever your industry, whatever team/management issues you are facing, DevelopPEOPLE is here to guide, train and coach you through to greater success.

Areas of Expertise

Assessments and Training Resources:

  • Inscape Publishing (Everything DiSC® Classic & more)
  • Integro Leadership Trust Inside
  • AssessMentoring®
  • BRAINMODE Power Assessments and Training Resources

Consulting and Coaching Services:

  • Personal Excellence
  • Organization Performance
  • Leadership Effectiveness

Professional Membership, Certifications, & Accomplishments:

  • Active with the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)
  • National Board of Directors for the ASTD
  • Chair of the National Advisors for Chapters
  • Leader of a Team That Won the ASTD Staff Volunteer Partnership Award in 2010
  • Certified Professionals in Learning and Performance
  • St. Louis Area’s First Inscape Publishing Certified DiSC Trainer
  • Top 1% Inscape Publishing Authorized Distributor
  • Master Trainer for BRAINMODE Power
DevelopPEOPLE – Resources for Business Leaders

In order to recognize and align individual strengths and capabilities, they must first be identified.

That’s why assessment-based learning solutions are the essential place to start for small and large businesses alike.

A Broad Selection with An Individualized Recommendation

Sifting through the myriad options to purchase learning solutions is time-consuming, and it’s hard to know for sure that the product you are purchasing is the best product for your needs.

DevelopPEOPLE offers an array of assessment-based learning solutions to fit your particular situation — and the individualized recommendations to make sure you’re investing in the right product for your business.

PEOPLE. Personal Excellence, Organizational Performance, Leadership Effectiveness 

Do you know how to DevelopPEOPLE?

Make your decision easy.

Call 1-888- 871-1780 today to get complimentary advice from someone who knows the ins and outs of assessment-based learning solutions and can quickly grasp the particulars of your situation.

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