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At DevelopPEOPLE we know you want your people to connect and excel so that your organization succeeds. In order to do that, you need resources and support to help your people connect and thrive. The problem is there are so many tools and vendors out there, it isn’t obvious who to trust and what works. This makes you feel frustrated and unsure of how to proceed.

We understand you don’t want to waste people’s time and your company’s resources and we believe choosing the right tools from an experienced partner will enable you to help your people work together more effectively and produce better results.

That's why we've devoted the last two decades to partnering with professionals like you to develop their leaders, teams, and cultures.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We provide proven assessments, surveys, and facilitation materials to help you build trust, leadership, teamwork, and workplace performance. Visit our online store to check them out.
  2. We offer a range of services to either guide you through the process of developing your people or do it for you, depending on your need.
    Schedule a call to discuss your situation.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, just give us a call and we’ll work together to figure out your next steps.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the tools, resources, and support we offer, so you can stop wasting time, energy, and money on programs that don’t work and instead start building a high-performance workplace where people want to work.

About DevelopPEOPLE

Founded as Wings of Success, LLC, DevelopPEOPLE began with a simple idea: the notion that each person is born with inherent strengths and dreams, which will develop into that person’s unique and meaningful contribution to the world when those capabilities are recognized and fostered. In business, power and success is found when leaders are able to align these personal aptitudes with the goals of the organization.

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About Sharon Wingron, CPTD

Sharon Wingron has a passion for helping people develop themselves – for their own benefit and the benefit of their company. Her expertise is centered on how people’s minds work, how people work together, and how people affect a company’s bottom line. It’s no wonder then that she founded DevelopPEOPLE after two decades of working in, with, and for businesses to help them figure out how to get the most out of their people.

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Our Network Is Global

When you’re ready for individualized support beyond the learning packages, DevelopPEOPLE is your go-to source. We have numerous learning and performance professionals we work with on an as-needed, per project basis.

Need an instructional designer, e-learning specialist, social media coach, or something else? We can help you connect to the right person!

Additionally, as projects require, we provide facilitators, coaches, trainers, and instructional designers to meet our clients’ needs.

We guarantee that all our partners provide the quality you expect from DevelopPEOPLE!

Our Team

Sharon Wingron, CPTD

CPTD - Certified Professional in Talent Development

MBA - Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

B.S. in Engineering Management, Psychology minor - University of Missouri, Rolla

Adjunct Professor - Washington University, St. Louis

Contributing Author - Rising to the Top: A Guide for Success

Mark Hopkins

CPA - Certified Public Accountant
Finance & Business Management

Laura Briese

Excellence Is Our Passion

Our clients come to us because they are intelligent and motivated. They are seeking to better the performance of their employees and are willing to look at how they can improve their own performance first. They are interested in self-development and aim to be more effective in every way.

Our primary clientele are:

  • Manufacturing, engineering, & technical-based companies
  • Pharmaceuticals, financial service companies, and retail & service-oriented companies
  • Small to mid-sized business owners who want to build a culture with their employees and customers
  • Workplace learning and performance (WLP) professionals
  • First-time or mid-level leaders who manage teams of people
  • Line leaders
  • Leaders at all levels of an organization

How can we help you? Contact us today to find out!

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