DevelopPEOPLE Blog: Why is that person difficult to work with? | DiSC can help

Why is that person difficult to work with? | DiSC can help

Have you ever noticed that some people are harder to work with than others? We all know a few people that simply just set our teeth on edge. Most people are great – no problem. But then there is that one co-worker – and they drive us nuts. Possibly with no rational explanation in sight.

dealing with difficult co workersThis can be a frustrating experience. When someone you don’t like is a member of your team, it can lead to unnecessary friction, additional stress for everyone involved and missed deadlines. When this is a long-term situation, it can really cause unhappiness. You may even feel the need to quit just to escape the stress. Is there a solution? Is there some way to understand why it’s hard for us to get along with certain people? And are there steps we can take to fix it? Fortunately, there is a solution. We can understand why some of our relationships are rocky, and we can take definite steps to remedy the situation.

The solution to why some people are hard to work with

Dr. William Moulton Marston attempted to predict how different people would react in group settings in his book, “Emotions of Normal People,” written in 1928. His goal at the time was to help people understand their own behavior patterns and how these patterns would affect their reactions to a group, and further, how to modify these behaviors so that they may interact more easily with any group. Dr. Marston then spent the remainder of his life plumbing the depths of human relationships and refining his earlier research. This has lead over time and through much additional testing to the DiSC assessment system.

What is DiSC?

DiSC is an assessment system that helps participants gain self-knowledge. From the results of the assessment, anyone can learn their own strengths and weaknesses in a group setting and locate with pinpoint accuracy what personality types we will struggle to work with. Just this knowledge alone is often enough to help most team members understand the cause of friction within the group, and is often quite a relief. Through the assessment, team members learn that it’s not personal – that their own behaviour dictates which types of people are likely to be troublesome – and they can then make the necessary adjustments to remedy the relationship.

How does DiSC help to work with others?

team workThe DiSC system has been refined to the point that simple, actionable advice is included in the assessment itself. Team members can read and understand how better to communicate to troublesome personalities to get more done in less time – and with less stress.

Stop suffering – take a DiSC assessment

The first step to living a happier life is to follow the ancient Greek aphorism, “Know thyself.” This starts with taking an honest assessment that can constructively let you know who you are and the steps you can take to help achieve your goals within your group.
Take a DiSC Assessment.  
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