DevelopPEOPLE Blog: What is DiSC and what can it do for you?

What is DiSC and what can it do for you?

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DiSC is a personal assessment tool that helps people just like you improve teamwork and cooperation, and thus improve their productivity. DiSC helps team members and managers explore their differences in style and daily behavior to help:
  • Facilitate Teamwork

  • Reduce conflict amongst members

  • Create an atmosphere of support and mutual cooperation towards goals

  • Increase employee engagement and morale

The DiSC assessment tools have been used by more than 40 million people to improve the work environment, get more done and reduce stress.

  Everything DiSC WheelThe assessment is composed of a series of scientifically-formulated questions that give a very accurate description of an individual’s strengths, weaknesses and personal management preferences within a short period of time.

What does “DiSC” stand for?

Dominance: Direct and Decisive. People with a strong “D” trait love challenges and getting things done. They use their strong will and drive to accomplish this. Dominance is the effort of the individual to shape the environment through overcoming opposition to obtain measurable and specific results. A person whose personality emphasizes dominance will focus on getting immediate results, taking action and the challenge of the activity for self and others. Influence: Optimistic and Outgoing. Team members with a strong “I” trait are “people’s people.” They love to share ideas, participate as a team member and enjoy encouraging other members of the team through their enthusiasm. Influence is the individual’s attempt to shape her environment through persuasion and social intelligence. A desire for social recognition and a fear of disapproval, or of being ignored, will motivate this person. Steadiness: Sympathetic and Cooperative. Those with a strong “S” are excellent listeners. They are likely to be found working behind the scenes, quietly making things happen in a predictable and steady fashion. Steadiness measures the effort to cooperate with others within environmental factors to carry out a task. While someone who emphasizes this trait will be an excellent listener, calm and level-headed, they may have difficulty when forceful action is required. Conscientiousness: Concerned and Correct. A team member with a strong “C” trait will be very engaged in thorough planning, programming and quality control. Conscientiousness is the effort to ensure quality and accuracy in work. A person will this dominant trait will be driven by the desire for precision and accuracy in their work.

How is DiSC used?

DiSC identifies the dominant traits in each team member who takes the assessment. In a non-judgmental fashion, the test (better known as an “assessment”) allows each individual to apply the ancient Greek wisdom, “Know Thyself.” With self-knowledge comes power and the ability to adjust patterns of behavior that are self-defeating within a given setting. DiSC is the first step on the road to a better, brighter future for the group and the individual.You may think of this as “Emotional Intelligence.” DiSC is an excellent tool for developing the four aspects of emotional intelligence:
  • Self-awareness

  • Self-management

  • Interpersonal awareness

  • Relationship management

Overall, DiSC is used to develop interpersonal or “people” skills, to improve communication, and to leverage strengths. DiSC is the first step on the road to a better, brighter future for the group and the individual. To get started with your own DiSC assessment, visit our online store and take an assessment today.
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