Time to Be a Team Member – The “We” Era (and how DiSC can help)

Over the last decade, an important shift in public perception has occurred.  Public at large are now more interested in building connections with each other and the companies that they buy from than ever before.

This shift is affecting what team members expect from their leaders as well.

A decade of Enron, “toxic” mortgages, oil spills and Madoffs have left Americans understandably wary of those who would lead.  Whereas 20 years ago, we valued the Lee Iaccocas of the business world – the “superstar” leaders – now we demand that our leaders be:
  • Transparent

  • Connected

  • Authentic

  • Team players

According to Pendulum, by Roy Williams and Michael Drew, this trend will continue for the next 40 years.  Executives and businesses that become attuned to this trend now will fare much better than those that don’t. This new era will be marked by a preference for:
  • Authenticity

  • Teamwork

  • Humility

  • Small actions

  • Personal responsibility

  • Cold, hard truth

And the following traits will be rejected:
  • Hype

  • Posing

  • Arrogance

  • Wishful thinking

  • Self-righteousness

  • Sugar-coated B.S.

Marketing and advertising will rely on methods that pull customers, rather than push them.  This trend has been presaged by the mass acceptance and use of social media channels.  We all crave a connection right now. Sizzle is out. Involvement and honest connection is in. As Michael Drew stated, “The internet is not a sales or marketing tool; rather, it is a relationship-building device.” The first step to being an authentic leader or member of a team is to “Know thyself.”  It is impossible to be authentic and transparent if one is not familiar with their own strengths and weaknesses.

The DiSC assessment system provides a simple and time-effective way for anyone to begin the process of building authentic relationships.

With decades of success and over 40 million users, the DiSC system helps executives learn to be more effective leaders every day. Find out more about the DiSC system by visiting our online DiSC Store.
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