On a recent LinkedIn discussion, Greg Carpenter asked about a comparison between MBTI and DiSC.  Here is my response, including the Inscape Validation Report I mention.  Let me know your thoughts on this! Inscape Publishing researched this several years ago.  I just uploaded the report for you on my blog for easy access.  Here’s the file link:  Everything DiSC Classic Validation Report. There is not a perfect comparison as the two theories are looking at different aspects of self, however expected correlations did show up for certain aspects of the instruments.  Inscape’s research showed that the Influence (i) style of DiSC had a strong positive correlation to the Extravert preference on MBTI, while the Conscientiousness (C) style of DiSC moderately correlated to the Introvert preference. The Thinking/Feeling scale of Myers-Briggs was also expected to have a correlation.  The Influence (i) and Steadiness (S) styles both showed a statistically significant positive correlation to the Feeling (F) preference of MBTI.  While both the Dominance (D) and Conscientiousness (C) styles were expected to negatively correlate to the T-F scale, interestingly enough only the D scale showed the expected negatively correlation, indicated a Thinking (T) preference.  The C scale showed a slight positive correlation, but it was statistically insignificant so no definitive conclusion can be reached. The S-N and J-P scales were not examined relative to DiSC. I’ve been working with both assessments for over 10 years, being certified in both.  I would like to see the comparison between S-N and DiSC.  In my experience, it seems that the Influence (i) style seems to have the most “big-picture” view of the world, with least attention to details, similar to the Intuitive (N) preference in MBTI.  The Conscientiousness (C) DiSC style seems to have the strongest focus on details and collecting tangible facts, more like the Sensing (S) MBTI preference.  DiSC D and S styles seem to be more integrated between the Global and Detailed views. I’ve seen all four DiSC styles exhibit the range of J-P preferences, so no clear conclusion pops out to me there, from a theoretical or practitioner viewpoint. Based on all this and my observations, I’d actually make a different comparison between the Keirsey Temperaments and DiSC styles than Kevin suggests.  I’d suggest the NF is most like the Influence (i) style, the NT more like the Dominance or D style, the SJ or SP could be more like the Conscientiousness (C) style or the Steadiness (S) style. All that said, I’m an ENFP and a strongly inclined Influence (i) with Dominance (D) secondary style, and all this stuff fascinates me!  I want people to enjoy it and apply it for more effective results in life!  😉 p.s. Join my LinkedIn DiSC Assessment User’s Group – I just created sub-groups for each of the D-i-S-C styles to connect as well!
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