How do we define a leader? | Everything DiSC Work of Leaders

What is a leader?how to be a leader image How does one become a leader? Some of us, when we think about leadership, have very bad associations with the subject. Napoleon was a leader – and so was Genghis Khan. We’ve all experienced “leadership” from people who seem to take their management advice from such characters.  This can make us a bit “gun shy” on the subject.  If we are thrust in a leadership role, we find ourselves second-guessing our behavior. “Am I too nice?  Not nice enough?” “How do I get our project done without alienating everyone around me? Our own personal definition of leadership can help to indicate what type of leader we are.  Knowing this, we can begin to understand how best to approach the leadership dilemmas that we all face. What is your personal definition of leadership? Sound off on our facebook page and let us know.  We’ll post some of the best definitions in a future blog and will also get back with you personally and let you know what your definition says about you. (You can also email us your answer
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