Everything DiSC assessments getting even more accurate

Inscape Publishing, the creator of the Everything DiSC family of self-assessments, announced today that an enhanced assessment process that produces even more accurate behavioral style results will be available beginning June 2nd.
It’s no secret that technology is getting more sophisticated. We’re able to do more, faster, with increasingly personalized user experiences. So our Product Development and IT teams are working together to leverage advancing technology and maximize the Everything DiSC® user experience. Adaptive Testing (AT) Beginning June 2, 2012 all Everything DiSC assessments will use adaptive testing (AT) and a new, more sophisticated scoring algorithm to give participants the most precise DiSC® style assignment possible. AT is more aligned with contemporary psychological testing—it’s frequently used in aptitude tests, so you may be familiar with the AT assessment method. With AT, respondents are presented with questions, and their responses determine the next questions they’re given. Will the Everything DiSC profiles change? The only profile that will be different on June 2 will be the Everything DiSC Supplement for Facilitators. The new adaptive testing data allows us to include some extra information to help the facilitator better understand when participants have atypical profile results. Other than that, nothing will change in the profiles at this time—more data means a participant’s dot placement will become even more precise, but this isn’t something the average participant will notice. In the future, we’ll use this data to update the Everything DiSC profiles and make them even more personalized.  We’re currently beta testing updates to the Workplace and Comparison Reports. We anticipate releasing updates to these two profiles later this year. Then work will begin on updating the rest of the Everything DiSC profiles.
As a leading authorized distributor of Everything DiSC assessments, our team here at Wings of Success LLC is very excited about this update and looking forward to supporting our clients as they begin to experience the new assessment process and the increased accuracy level of their Everything DiSC assessments. Not familiar with Everything DiSC?  Give us a call at 1.888.871.1780 or email disc@wingsofsuccess.com and we’ll be happy to introduce you to the most powerful assessments available on the market for developing your PEOPLE!
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