Employee Disengagement due to massive changes

I heard an interview on the radio this weekend discussing how employee engagement is at an all time low due to the massive amount of change and uncertainty in the economy. The interviewee (missed his name, sorry) commented that research showed many people would be looking for a new job if the economy wasn’t so slow still. I find that interesting. Certainly the economy is still slow and certainly employee engagement is low. What I find interesting is that so many employees think the best solution is to find a new job as opposed to trying to influence their current situation to improve it. Additionally, I find it interesting that so many employers are perpetuated a culture that breeds dissatisfaction in this economy as opposed to taking swift steps to engage their employees and come out on top when the economy re-bounds. Our Integro Leadership Institute offerings for building cultures based on trust and accountability, as well as our Accountability in Action Personal Excellence series are just what these employers and employees need to get jump-started, get out of the doldrums, get re-engaged and energized to increase productivity and exceed customer expectations. That will get our economy moving!!
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